Add a Custom Domain to your WordPress Site!

Hi everyone! In my last blog post I showed you how to fire up your very own WordPress site using Azure. Now that you have the site, don’t you want to know how to change the name to a better, cooler name, without the ‘’?

If you have a WordPress Site that is not being hosted in Azure, learn how to map a domain name to remove the ‘’ ending to your website.

Otherwise, follow these steps to link your own custom domain name to your Azure website.

Note: For this guide, I am going to assume that you already have a custom domain name registered. If not, websites such as Go Daddy and 1 and 1, are good places to buy your very own domain!

  1. First things first, in order to use a custom domain name, your website needs to have at least a shared service plan. Unfortunately, you cannot use the free tier to use a custom domain. On your website dashboard in The Management Portal, select the scale tab and change the app service plan pricing tier section to use at least shared.Shared
  2. Next, go to the configure tab under the website dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to the domain names section and select the Manage Domain Names’ button.Manage domain
  4. At the bottom of the popup, there is a bolded section that says ‘The IP address to use when you configure A records’. Copy the IP address that shows up.ip address
  5. Next, go to your domain hosting website. The one I use is on Go Daddy. Each site will look a little bit different, but the overall concept the same.
  6. When you go to manage your domain, there should be a place to edit your DNS Zone Files.DNS Zone
  7. If you already have an A record under “A (Host)” edit the IP address that the root (@) points to. Paste the IP address that you copied before.
  8. If you do not have an A record, click on “Add Record” and set the host to be @ for root. Use the IP address that you copied in step (4) as the address it points to.A Record
  9. Next, you need to create two CNAME records.
  10. One with an “awverify” host that points to “”. Be sure to replace example with your Azure website name.  Change the TTL setting to 1/2 hour, to ensure that your website pushes updates faster.awverify
  11. The second record links your website to the “www” version of your website. The host name is “www” and should point to your Azure website URL, “”. Change the TTL setting to 1/2 hour, to ensure that your website pushes updates faster.www
  12. Don’t worry, we’re almost there!
  13. Go back to the “domain names” section in the Azure Management Portal, click the “manage domains” button, and add your websites! Be sure to add your website with and without “www” at the beginning. Add your domain
  14. FINALLY…THE LAST STEP 🙂 Go to your WordPress dashboard. Under the general settings tab, change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to your custom domain name. It might take a few minutes for your website to update.Screenshot (30)


AND THUS, YOU ARE COMPLETE 🙂 Go Check out your super cool website!

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