Fire up your very own WordPress site!

So as you may have noticed… I just made a WordPress site! I figured it might be useful for me to provide a step by step guide on how to do this on your own. If you’re looking for a quick place to create a website, WordPress is a great option! You can use it to blog or keep track of your project. You can also include pictures, videos, and links to other sources. I hosted mine in Microsoft’s Azure- so here is a tutorial on how to do the same!

Here are some of the Top WordPress sites to date!

best website
Here’s how to make one of your own:

1. Go to and sign in with your Free Azure Subscription.
2. On the left panel there will be a list of different offerings from Azure. Select ‘NEW’.

3. To create a WordPress blog, select ‘Web + Mobile’ from the menu and then ‘Marketplace’ as seen below.

4. In the Marketplace search for ‘WordPress’ and select the first option that shows up.

5. Select ‘Create’ to continue.
6. Select ‘Web App’ in order to configure.
7. Choose a unique URL and App Service plan name to use for your WordPress blog. The boxes will show a green check mark when this is complete.
8. Select Pricing Tier and click the View All button.
9. Select ‘Free’.

10. You do not need to change anything under Web app Settings.
11. Use the Region nearest to you for the Location.
12. Select Database.
13. Enter a name for the database.
14. Under the Pricing Tier category, select the Mercury option, which is free.

15. Select Legal Terms and click ‘OK’ after reading the legal terms.
16. Under Resource Group, select ‘Or select existing’.
17. Select ‘Create’.
18. Congrats! After a few minutes, your website has now been created!! You will find it listed under the ‘Web Apps’ Section after clicking ‘Browse All’.

19. To set up your WordPress site, go to the URL of the blog that you created.
20. Select the appropriate language and press continue.
21. Fill in the information needed to install WordPress.




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