Getting Started with Bing Maps

Are you in need of a mapping tool for your hack? You can use Bing Maps to solve all of your mapping problems!

Here are some examples of the tools you can use:

For instance, if you’re hungry you can even search for different pizza places in NYC!map1

How to use the Bing Maps API

  1. Go to to begin using the Bing Maps API
  2. Select the Bing Maps AJAX V7 platform and visit the documentation at Note: The API is available on other platforms, however, Bing Maps AJAX V7 is one of the most universal mapping controls available. It is supported on standard PC and Mac browsers, as well as many mobile platforms.
  3. Create a Bing Maps Account
    • Go to
    • Sign in with your existing Microsoft Account or create a new one. maps2
    • Fill in your Account name, Contact name, Company name, Email address, and phone number to create an account.map3
  4. Create a key
    • On your Bing Maps Portal select ‘View or Create Keys’ under My Account.
    • Select ‘Click here to create a new key.’
      • Application name: Required. The name of the application.
      • Application URL: The URL of the application.
      • Key type: Required. Select the key type that you want to create. You can find descriptions of key and application types here.
      • Application type: Required. Select the application type that best represents the application that will use this key. You can find descriptions of key and application types here,Provide the following information to create a key:
    • Type the characters of the security code, and then click Create. The new key displays in the list of available keys. Use this key to authenticate your Bing Maps application as described in the documentation for the Bing Maps API you are using.map4
  5. Go to to get tips on how to develop with Bing Maps.

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