Getting Started with the Office 365 API

Are you interested in leveraging the Office platform to make your life more efficient or fun? Come join us in hacking on your favorite Office products by building an add-on or integrate Office 365 APIs into your own app to connect to files, calendars, mail and other data stored in the cloud.  You might build an add-in for outlook which finds Amazon links in your email and makes them a one-click purchase, or compares prices on different websites.

You might build a service using the Mail API and Azure ML which reads all your emails, and determines who your most negative contacts are. Or even use the contacts and photos API to build a game of Candy Crush which uses photos of the peers of the user as the sprites.


Play around with the Office 365 tools at the office dev center to learn how to:

  • Get messages with Mail
  • Get events with Calendar
  • Get contacts

How to use the Office 365 APIs:

  1. Follow this Setup for your Office 365 Development Environment
    • Download the developer tools for your desired platform
    • Sign up for an Office 365 for business account
    • Associate your Office 365 account with Azure AD
  2. Learn how to develop with Office 365 using these resources




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